Why You Should Not Root Your Android

Know all about rooting and why you shouldn’t go for it despite the thrilling advantages!

Sometimes we do feel that our android can do much better than it is doing now because of the restriction of certain apps that need access to hidden parts of your private information some of whom usually your phone doesn’t allow these apps to reach. Then what comes next and how so some folks try to get rid of this limitation problem. They try rooting their android, let’s see what this ”rooting” actually is and how can it affect not only our mobile phones but us too.


Rooting your android phone means providing it entry to the very chief operating system of your device, in simple words, it means giving all the apps access to everything on your device. After you have rooted your device, now you have full power over the cell phone in every way, you can change and customize absolutely anything you want.

In the early days, rooting your device didn’t seem as much of a problem because of some android manufacturing companies we’re too slow to bring an update to provide the set with new features, this resulted in the device having issues and bugs in operation with Google. So the last option that people thought of was rooting and solving.

However, some people do have a solid reason to go through this hassle of rooting their cell phone, and that is because they want to download some apps that require the phone to be rooted first. But apart from all the neat features, you get access to there are undoubtedly some of the cons that you need to keep in mind.


Now that you have already rooted your cellphone and there is no turning back from this point, it’s better to know what curse have you uploaded with the root system. Just like every other thing, rooting also has some severe disadvantages latched on to it. You can only solve this if you are a developer yourself.

The first and foremost risk of rooting your device is that you will be ultimately ending the security of your mobile phone, the warranty. Could result in a very costly and account draining problem because if you have recently purchased your phone for the right amount of money and something goes wrong during the rooting, then you won’t be able to revive the original OS back. Maybe some manufacturers that don’t ban rooting on their devices will be able to help you with a warranty but most of the times rooting is not allowed.

Keep in mind that when you root your phone, you customise everything that is happening in the device, from updates to Google security, everything then falls into your hands, becomes more hectic because you have to take care of Android malware too. Without Google security, the cell phone is a very high risk of shutting down to lineage OS. Android developers do release a new update now and then, and you can’t keep up with that if your OS is customised entirely.

The above disadvantages are all from lack of understanding or looking after, but it’s essential to know that even if you work hard on maintaining the whole device all by yourself, then also it can shut down on its own. This problem might happen because there is a massive chance for you bricking your phone yourself. Sometimes due to rooting, the device is unable to understand the operations; it gets exhausted and closes all services.


Let us tell you a fact that no matter how hard we try to keep up with the manufacturer like changes, we can never keep up with the kind of work they do. These companies have a whole team of skilled developers working for them, and you can’t compete them with your third party OS.

Also, many other hassles are attached to these third-party ROMS; they all ask for a day to day updates; some of them may take hours and hours of wait and patience. Apart from the hard work, you also risk the fact that your cell phone or the apps can stop working entirely without any warning because many developers are experimenting on their apps with stable moulds of android. You eventually take all the responsibility of the damage caused by the root on your cellphone on your own.

In the verdict of the disadvantages, there are many them, much more than the pros of rooting. You may try it out only if you are working on a second party cellphone, something you bought off eBay but we will highly indicate you not to risk your mobile device in the process of rooting.

WHY PEOPLE NO LONGER TEND TO ROOT? The improvised android

There has been a sudden drop in rooting since the last some years, and the leading reason behind this is that people no longer need to root. They get everything in the android now that they rooted for before such as,

  • Smart features
  • A well developed system
  • Sleek aesthetics to keep up with IOS
  • There are more exciting updates that bought a positive change rather than just occupying space on the device.

We can say that Google and android have made numerous significant changes due to which people don’t feel the need for rooting now. The sleek and smart android system is something that people long for as it is rather than wanting to make constant changes in it.

Before signing off, there is one more and most crucial con you need to know about rooting, and that is you open the gates for an invasion to your private data yourself. Once your cellphone is rooted, any app can have all the access to every kind of data on your cell, from your search history to your voice notes; they can have anything, and no pin can protect it, so be careful before you think of rooting, a pure thrill can cause you a lifetime of trouble.

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