How To Block Ads On Android Apps

Tired of boring ads on your apps? Now it is possible to remove ads from any apps and games that you want! All you need a small tool for Android named Lucky patcher. Its very easy to use the app. But remember you must root your Android device to remove ads from apps.

How To Block Ads With Lucky Patcher :

Step 1 :
Root your Android device to start the process. You must root your device to get started. There are a lot of Root Tutorials are available on the Internet, you can also watch youtube tutorial on how to root an android device. But remember, the root process can be different in different devices. So search with your phone model for root tutorial.

Step 2 :

Download Lucky Patcher APK from our website and Install it on your Android device.
Step 3 :

For example, we’ll remove ads from a popular app MX player.

You can see an ad on MX player on the image below –

lucky patcher - remove ads - sample ads

Now It’s time to remove that ad!

Step 4 :

Open Lucky Patcher app.

After opening lucky patcher you will see that the app will load all the apps that installed on your device.

lucky patcher - remove ads - app list

The app that has Google ads can be removed with Lucky Patcher. Now select the app that you want to remove ads. For example we are removing ads from MX player. So we have pressed on that app.

Step 5 :

lucky patcher - remove ads - open menu of patches

You will see a menu with different options. Now select the “Open menu of patches” to continue.

Step 6 :

lucky patcher - remove google ads

Now you will see another menu. Press the “Remove Google Ads”  to continue.

Step 7 :

lucky patcher - patch to remove ads

On the next menu you will see two options. Just click on the “Patch to Remove Google Ads”  button.

Step 8 :

lucky patcher - remove ads - apply

On that menu you will find many options to remove ads. All you need to do is that pressing on the “Apply”  button.

Now wait for a while to patch the app.

lucky patcher - remove ads - waiting

After patching successfully, you will see a result with successful message.

lucky patcher - remove ads - success message

Congratulations! You have successfully remove ads from app.

Now we will open the app that we have patched.

lucky patcher - no more ads

You can see that there is no more ads on Mx player app that we have patched successfully.

Thanks for reading the tutorial. We’ll make a video tutorial on how to Remove Google ads from any apps and games.

Video Tutorial:

Global method of blocking advertising in Lucky Patcher (need root). Modifying the hosts file :

Method 01:

Method 02:

how to use lucky patcher, Lucky patcher ad remove
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  • Karina Sinclaire
    February 7, 2020 3:56 pm

    Blocking ads in color-by-numbers apps is preventing me from sharing fished pics to Facebook. Running android 8.1.0 on Stylo 4.

  • Is not working anymore

  • It is a very good app i love this

  • How to make cookies that are both deep and safer

  • I would like to know which source hosts used to block ads

  • Can Lucky Patcher also patch apps to remove adds that are not Google Ads?

  • I have a Samsung J7 with 7.0 and its working!?

  • Don’t even need to root phone. I didn’t and its working like a charm.

  • this app is not working in andriod 6.0 etc and latest versions. please solve the problem.

  • Can I have free coins in Gardenscape game through any version of lucky patcher app and what’s the procedure for that?

  • At Miui 9 after restart phone ads auto open. Blocks ads on devices option successfully update host file but ads again on..
    Off only for 5 to 10 minute or untill reboot the device.

  • Lucky Patcher is TRUELY THE GREATEST MOST USEFUL APP EVER!!! It is one of my most used tools for root tasks too! It works better than Titanium Backup at systemizing. apks!
    Lucky Patcher is well made & behaved apk. Hats off to the Master Developer. Thank You!

  • no root? no adblock effectively

  • Ad Block is the legitimate use of this app. Hammers can murder. Ban hammers? No

    Everyone needs lucky patcher

    as everyone NEEDS root on android otherwise android is mostly useless

  • Lucky Patcher not working on my Android 6.0.1


  • Lucky patcher is best way. before, I’m using apktool to do this, but, sometime error and crash

  • How to remove in-app purchases in Shadow fight 2 game….
    Plzzzz replyyy this comment!!!!

  • Its Online game dude,
    you must have root accsess

  • Chris Recon
    May 14, 2017 5:04 pm

    Not working with kind of “protected” apk’s ads for example Blackmart. Will not more start of do changes to the alk.
    Anyone have an idea or solution for a nodded ads free Blackmart latest version?
    I know for rooted devices ads blocker on hosts file work but only for cleaning this program extra rooting my new Samsung Galaxy I’ll not do.

  • Albert James
    March 14, 2017 5:19 am

    I want to have lot of coins in Aurcus Online and buy a silver ticket

  • Cool tool I have been use! Other app isn’t accurate and effective.. But I like prev version it had kind problem in this version. I hope it will fix

    #LuckyPatcher BEST

  • It says unabble to connect and doesnt open some of my apps

  • obrigado.

  • Gabriel Andrade Almeida Aguiar
    March 3, 2017 2:12 pm

    Eu gosto de Lucky patcher porque ele é legal

  • No Internet

  • You cant hack most multiplayer games

  • Yes

  • Not working on latest blackberry launcher for android. App crashes after apply patch

  • I don’t even have that option on lollipop 5.0.2,lg L bello, lasted version of lp 6.2.6 no root btw… And is odd that there are versions for no root but by doing any kind of changes, here in examples it ask you to be root? LoL….

  • can we patch mini militia?

  • No , you can’t . Clash of clans in-app-purchases system is very well developed . No tool can patch Clash of clans .

  • That game runs a verification process with a server, since the app modifies lines of code to let you get stuff for free, the dev decides weather or not give you stuff before oayment posts on their side, they are stopping that part and releasing the goods once payments post with you apk id prooving you purchase thats the reason why 🙁

  • can we patch clash of clan through lucky patcher

  • You know miniclip they patched the game we can’t back the game anymore
    FUCK Miniclip

  • Dawood Ahmed
    July 17, 2016 8:04 pm

    Game is open 8 ball pool but cash or coins not purchasing ___________________________________________________transaction error?
    pleause help me pleause

  • Not wrking on zenfone 2 asus lolipop. Non root

  • christiano gaio
    May 20, 2016 11:27 pm

    no meu celular Zopo ZP999 pro ele dá erro em lucky patcher erro su java code running
    Não sei como resolver isto.

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