Games That Can Be Patched By Lucky Patcher in 2024

Lucky Patcher is the most popular app for the rooted Android devices. Lucky Patcher can hack many Android games. Nowadays the developers are trying to protect their apps from lucky patcher. So many games can’t be hacked with lucky patcher now. Here we are providing another list of more top games that can be hacked with the app. You can find the first list of Lucky Patcher Compatible Games from here. You can download lucky patcher for free from that link.

List Of Games that can be patched :

Here is the list of games compatible with lucky patcher or lucky patcher in app purchase game list.

1. Dictator 2 (with Achievements)

You are powerful, you are young dictator and you have unlimited power. Try to be more powerful dictator and need to be determine your approach to 6 factions. Build your army and lead them for victory. Need to make 2,000 critical decisions and build oil derricks, bank, prison and many more. We know you also want to be dictator if you are saying no just install it for single time! We wish you will be addicted to play again.

2. ROBOTS (with Achievements) :

For surviving need to shoot. First fast shooter will survive. Others will just die. By using different weapons, tactics and upgrade for claiming leaderboard. Just download and do start. You will get some advance features in this game advance weapons, and customization, large option menu. 60 fps on most of the devices. Full of customizations and super control will give you best shooting experience. Get achievement and be in leaderboard in the game.

Purchase everything, just select ‘restore purchase‘ option and close app, open it again, your purchase is successful.

3. Brothers: Clash of Fighters (with Achievements)

Do you like tournament and like to fight? If your ans is yes then this fighter game is for you. Your dream movie hero will fight there. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra will fight there. Gym boxing ring, R2F arena Win your battle and finish all achievement to become immortal. Some features will make you amazed those are Arcade Street Fighting mode, Tournament Mode, 8 characters including David (Akshay Kumar) and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra), 6 International fighters, Combo moves, Finisher moves, 4 fight environments, Daily quests and missions, Daily rewards, Rocking music and soundtrack.

4. Farm Away! – Idle Farming (with Achievements)

Now a day’s peoples are loving to play farming game in their favorite android device. Growing crops domestic pet, cultivating if you are fascinated about them please download this game. This farming game will give you some special features that will make this game more interesting and addictive. Automate farming collecting crops. Feel free to play online or offline, no mandatory connection. Be more profitable, earn money and become rich.

5. Unfinished Mission (with Achievements)

Play as a brave soldier, your mission will to save innocent and hunt down enemies. Stack out target from long range shoot ass like movie hero. Awesome graphics interface 3D view, upgrading gadget, upgrading weapon, Real commando test will be there, hundred of mission, mission-based 3D sniper shooting, time-based mission, kill confirmed with dramatic kill-cam, defend your with bulletproof vest and Medi Kits, work your way, in the inventory every weapon will be realistically and each has an unique feel and performance.

6. Gun Strike 2 (with Achievements)

Third person shooter game will give you 27 different types of mercenary, 41 types of rifles, Handgun. This game is for gunfighting. Build your team and earn rewards. I you like to shoot please download this game and do shoot enemy. Reflect Real Weapon Characteristic, Various shooting assignment, power mercenary roster, support google play service, weapon collection, assault rifles, shipper rifles those words will make you addictive.

7. Build Away! -Idle City Builder (with Achievements)

Do you like city building? If yes then this is the best game for you, Automate, massive collecting money, carnival ice cream, play anywhere, online offline. Will get a virtual test of real estate moguls. This game has a smart control, 3D graphics with nice animation. Earn money from everywhere, from every business. You will be billionaire by building city and making money. Very much addictive game with high quality graphics.

8. The Factory (with Achievements)

If you want to start a factory this game is for you. Build you crafting sim, resource manager, building basic, materials and slow working up the crafting need moar. The factory will contain two in-app purchase, a bailout and supply package. If you want to jumpstart a production run, a supply package will save the time. There building manufactures profit, slow working.

9. Bio Inc. – Biomedical Game (with Achievements)

This game is about bio inc, biomedical strategy simulation is funnier. Be a scientist doctor and try to save victims. 18 stages with different gameplay, 100+ realistic biomedical condition. Real time human body degradation and awesome graphics. Thousands of ways to play the game. Stay tuned with them, because they are continuously update.

10. Mad Day – Truck Distance Game (with Achievements)

Fight against aliens. This game is for fighting against alien with your truck and other unique quality vehicles. More than 1,000 unique character combinations. Buy new Hats, Clothes and other accessories. Hard boss fighting, multiple upgrade, gun, rocket launcher, alien ram, armor is available to play. Social feature, simple control, friend leaderboard, lots of achievements.

11. Watch out Zombies! (with Achievements)

Get quite far over the streets, metros, grass and insane zombie drivers. Yet, that is not all, there are likewise zombies that need to get you. Watch out Zombies! Play as kid or young lady and make the autos keep running over zombies or make them tumble to the tram burrow. Play as boy or girl, 7 different zombies, 25 challenge, 20 achievement features are available there.

12. Fruit Ninja Free (with Achievements)

This is fruits ninja. Believe yourself, you are ninja, just cut the fruits with your sword. Different fruits different skill to cut. Demonstrate to your loved ones that you’re the best ninja around. Demonstrate to them the amount you can cut in a mutual screen nearby multiplayer match, or contrast your score with your companions with ascend through the positions and achieve the highest point of the leaderboard! Huge fanatic of Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots? Make sure to provoke yourself with the engaging and addictive minigames and locate your top choice!

13. Invention City (with Achievements)

This invention city game is building making game. 10 different characters and 50 different stages make this game more interested and unique. If you are like to build building this game is for you. Build your buildings. This game will read your external and internal memory. This game is in game account saving data, you will get idea about city, house, flat, home decoration, interior design full package in a single app.

14. Cricket Hungama 2016 (with Achievements)

This game is for only cricket lovers. The movie what was made about MS Dhoni. This game is cricket game what is worldwide popular for its 3D graphics, multiple mode and tv broadcast camera feature. Different angle and different eye view make this game more attractive and popular. 25 game is making yourself MS Dhoni and you will feel it. This game has full control over team selection, batting order and many more.

15. Zombie’s Got a Pogo (with Achievements)

It is a zombie game. If you want o be a zombie and like jump with pogo this game is for you. In this game you will be zombie and you have to go forward with avoiding any accident but remember one thing you have only a pogo. Go forward with pogo and reach the goal about to be successful, no brains required, 8 death defying ragdoll zombie, 17 unheard-of insane pogos. Be the best at bouncing around. Hours of fun and endless journey.

16. Swamp Attack (with Achievements)

This game you have to defend your home from invading monster, zombie-style monster, aliens, crocodiles are coming to your home for killing you and destroy your home. You have to shoot them; every mission completion will reward your money. And the money is for upgrading weapons. Shooting, drag and drop explosives onto monsters. One of interesting and addictive game. Every stage is interesting and you will not bore about firing, different enemies will for your interest.

17. Bee Brilliant (with Achievements)

For meeting with singing bee and explore the land of bee you need to play this awesome game. It is puzzle game. It’s an easy and addictive game. 6 different game modes and over 200 addictive levels. Challenge your friends and do not forget about a lifetime supply of bee puns. The developer team always working hard for developing the games. Your valuable review is always making them forward interested for developing. Stay tuned for update.

18. Zombie Catchers (with Achievements)

If you are like to kill or hunting zombie, then you can play this. This game is already listed top 10 in 90 countries and 5 games in over 100 countries. Catch zombies!, Discover new territories!, Unlock exciting new gadgets!, Build a juicy and delicious business empire!, Expand and micro-manage your own underground lab! Are the key features of this apps. This game is free for all but some of feature is available for purchase. If anyone has not 12+ age he/she is not allowed to play this.

19. Watch out Zombies! (with Achievements)

When you are going to play this shooter game, you should remember that you are only one the last hope to survive. Zombies will come there like tsunami and the world is now in anarchy, you are the last hero. City is full of bloody zombies. You will get there 3 killing mood, 5 urban area background, 3 powerful heroes to kill zombie, 100+ challenging levels. Exclusive weapons & Guns. Stop waiting just do download and enjoy your heroism.

20. Hunger Games: Panem Run (with Achievements)

Restless running game. By running you will travel 12 districts in randomly generated levels, with more districts become available soon. The hunger game environment makes this more live and more addictive. DODGE, Jump, and Smash is there only strategy to survive and running. This game is based on the hunger game movie what was released in 2013. If you liked the Hunger Game movie you should play this. This game will give you the total experience about hunger game.

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