Lucky Patcher 2024 APK [Latest] Download

Many of you guys already know about Lucky patcher app. Lucky Patcher is an all in one rooted app for Android that can do many tasks if you have root access. Do you wish to block ads on your Android? Do you want to remove unnecessary stock apps from your smartphone? or do you want to bypass license verification on paid Android apps? Here we have an app that can do this for you!! Let’s see what exactly it is.

What Is Lucky Patcher:

Lucky patcher is a great Android app which let you to remove advertisements from Android apps and games, modify permissions of different apps and games, bypass license verification of premium apps, backup downloaded apps and games, remove system apps if not necessary, backup modified apps etc. Let’s see some of the features of lucky patcher mod app.

Lucky Patcher Features :

  • Remove ads from apps and games. The app can detect the apps with advertisement on your device. It can remove ads from most of the apps and games easily.
  • Remove license verification of pro apps. So you don’t need to buy anything from play store. Lucky patcher is able to break in app purchase verification. Lucky Patcher can bypass license verification from Play Store, So, you can enjoy many paid Android apps and games for free.
  • Modify app permission. Many apps and games asked for unwanted app permissions. Sometimes it’s difficult to trust an unknown app. Lucky Patcher apk can be used to remove any app permissions if not seems necessary.
  • You can take a backup of your apps and games downloaded from play store to your Sd card with the app. Or you can also backup any apps or games after modifying.
  • Different useful tools are available.
  • The app supports different colors to identify the state of the apps. For better user experience lucky patcher shows many colors to understand situation of the app easily.
  • Root access needed for all the features. The app can perform many tasks without root but if you want to get all the features of the app, you must root your smartphone or tablet.

Screenshots :

lucky patcher lucky patcher apk

lucky patcher download lucky patcher settings

What’s New On Lucky Patcher:

  • New method for patch inapp purchases (Support patch for InApp emulation (Reassembly Dex));
  • Optimize ads patterns for more stable patch process;
  • Supprot for GooglePlay Inapp Library (api 10) added;
  • New link to site about added custom patches(;
  • New link to submit custom patches(;
  • Added “Share” button to backups dialog;
  • Translations updated.

Additional App Information :

App Developer: ChelpuS

App Version : 8.7.1

File Size : 8.24 MB.

Average Rating : 5

Requirements : Android 2.0 and up.

License : Free.

Note :

You have to root your Android device to get all the features. You can root your device easily by using KingRoot or Kingo Root app. This app support some illegal tools. We are not responsible for any kinds of abuse of the apps or illegalities.

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  • I think this is good app I will download this in my phone thanks for the developers

  • Hi how do i mod online slot casino mega888? I couldn’t mod and hack into it to win slot games

  • please fix this
    I think this is not working
    Even though my phone is rooted already 🙁

  • i think this is not going to work
    I already root my phone
    Please fix it 🙁

  • can this lucky patcher apk open to lord mobile …? This does not work for lord mobile games

  • How to get karma in apk antiland please

  • Nice app

  • Moonlight of the night
    November 9, 2019 2:41 am

    After Android 7.0, any rom works less effective than before.
    Especially in Chinese f###g rom, like MIUI, I am really in need of using ‘Disable signature verification in the package’ to patch unsigned app.
    All contents in “Patch to Android” become useless no matter how hard we tried.
    Please do more research for Lucky Patchers to fix that.
    Thank you!

  • please make this app can to modified the offline games because this app now is can’t to modified the game i buy the coin but the coin is no increase

  • Please try
    With this app
    hill climb racing 2 (1.30 .0)

  • There’s a lot of android app bundle that i can’t use lucky patcher, what i do?

  • Why did Lucky patcher get google play?
    This is an original

  • How can I update my game to the newest version and not lose my progress through Lucky Patcher? Please advise…thank you!

  • Kd

    How to install lucky patcher?

  • Cant working

  • Is there any version where the in app purchases work for a chinese rom?

  • Can u install this on play store (android)

  • Does this work on Real Racing 3 still?

  • John Vincent
    June 12, 2019 6:21 pm

    Plss help me how to install this for my pirates of Caribbean..thanks need help

  • Matthew Gabriel C. Dumanon
    June 4, 2019 6:25 pm

    I want to hack my dragon city

  • Can I hack the mortal kombat 11 with lucky patcher

  • Thanks for the information!!!!!

  • This apk is not installing

  • Greetings Lucky Patcher,

    I need help here. I cannot hack “SuperTipsBet”. I’m getting this error below whenever I try APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation.

    Warning: It is impossible to get the full apk file for “SuperTipsBet”, as it is splitting using Google’s Android app bundle. This features cannot be used with”SuperTipsBet”.

  • The latest version installed into the point to open the application information can not find the odex file is there no root reason? All the games I downloaded are like this in addition to the system application, if you please leave a link without root to me, thank you

  • Update Lucky Patcher more. Because I can’t modify that game called Modern age it seems has Split google bundle so I can’t Modified this app help.

  • Man in the Middle
    April 13, 2019 3:47 pm

    Powerful app

  • I downloaded but can not open file
    Please help me

  • SeucheAnemone56
    March 2, 2019 5:31 pm

    [9.0 Pie] [RR-OS v.7] [SM-G800F] [kminilte] [Magisk v.18.1]
    Installer Broken?
    No Install Dialog, installer.apk in LP directory 0 byte/Parsing Error.Sometimes Looping while preparing apk
    Please Help.
    Are old versions working?

  • Lucky patcher not working

  • Why cant i install the app just days done and no open

  • Nice awesome

  • i couldn’t install this app to my android phone


  • it’s very nice blog good job

  • Ben Blarney
    May 12, 2018 4:03 pm

    On a serious note the app is no longer working, every app I patch with in-app purchase crashes when I open, if it doesn’t crash the app will be seen to be offline in which way I can even make any purchase. I tried patching Planning 5D for in-app purchase and now the app gone totally offline.

  • Hello
    Lucky patches is a awesome app
    I love this app
    But please invent a very special app for 8 ball pool

  • I love this apps. Can you create apps like game guardian but do not use root. Thanks before

  • Can you hack Murrasic World on it?

  • dinosaur22199
    March 18, 2018 3:18 am

    It won’t let me get it

  • Hey I am having a problem downloading a game that I patched. Every time I patch the game and try to install the patched game it doesn’t allow me, it always says cancelled. How can I fix this? The game is called The Wolf Among Us btw

  • Which one is good? King user or super su

  • lucky patcher its not work didacted virus

  • Could I hack online games with it? If so how?

  • Hi, Maybe someone else doing that for SEO benefits. You can see that already Our official site got removed for a Fake DMCA complaint.

  • Hey Big Brother ! R u doing dmca takedowns on other sites for lucky patcher keyword or any other fake guy is doing ??

  • Feeling disappointed when i patch TrackView app…the ads are gone and the app become full version but…when i goes open map for my i own phone the map are not appears correctlly, same one Spyzie apps…it error when open the maps and the patch not working when meet webview link or purchase page!

  • CodelyokoXtEAM
    January 24, 2018 6:53 pm

    Can’t luckypatcher hack server side games

  • CodelyokoXtEAM
    January 24, 2018 6:51 pm

    If you only have root access. But you can’t perches play store internal perches. If you install moded play store, you can perches other apps inapp perches without moding them & verify license check without error.

  • CodelyokoXtEAM
    January 24, 2018 6:46 pm

    Sorry wrong place 🙂

  • CodelyokoXtEAM
    January 24, 2018 6:45 pm

    You can download original new version of that game & mod it using luckypatcher & manually install it. (don’t Uninstall installed app). But if new version have protection for luckypatcher mods, you can’t perches item that app.

  • CodelyokoXtEAM
    January 24, 2018 6:35 pm

    You can download original new version of that game & mod it using luckypatcher & manually install it. (don’t Uninstall installed app). But if new version have protection for luckypatcher mods, you can’t perches item that app.

  • Whoever made Lucky Patcher, I need help. So there’s this game called Castle Cats that I’m obsessed with and I can get all the gems and coins, but I can’t update the game. Is there a way to fix it? Kind regards, lizzi.

  • I download Lucky Patcher but it is not supported on my mobile Samsung 7. Now, what should I do?

  • درمان بواسیر
    December 24, 2017 4:54 pm

    This app is great to remove annoying ads

  • I am hack the 8 ball pool fro. Lucky patcher

  • Lucky patcher lock itself out of root access when this new feature of xposed to hide itself from other application. Now

  • Camila Vasconcelos
    November 16, 2017 12:28 am

    I really like this app, it really is very good.

  • I have the same problem

  • I can’t get vip pass in latest smule 5.0.7 and 5.0.9 also using lucky patcher and the following msg shown pattern N1 Error LP: Pattern not found or patch is already applied

  • BISHAL Baruah
    October 22, 2017 8:11 pm

    Very nice app easy to use I’ll thanks to this app to build in my smartphone there is no add and licence verification in any app or games

  • Going to download latest version

  • Do we hack play store with lucky patcher…please and me

  • Robert Phillis
    August 5, 2017 4:53 am

    Latest update is broken. Does not load packages, nor do any sub-menus work.

  • Yes please. I love playing this game and it is so much more fun with this apk.

  • Can you hack clash of clan

  • Mairi Mackenzie
    June 1, 2017 9:17 pm

    I have a problem with lucky patched
    It does not work on any of my games
    e.g, pixel gun 3d
    Should this patch still work
    As I’ve tryd to get into pixel gun 3d
    10 times and failed,
    Can you help me please,

  • This app is great to remove annoying ads

  • I have the same problem

  • Did you fixed?, I have the same problem.

  • i need help, whenever i try to patch the smule Sing!
    4.3.5_435 this shows up: mine keeps saying Pattern N1
    Error LP: Pattern not found! or patch is already patched!
    custom patch not valid for this version of the program or
    already patched what can I do…. please help

  • Why did you not add Nougat support for samsung devices?

  • Hey it’s not giving me my purchase that I clicked on and it isn’t working right like it is suppose to. I am greatful you made it for none rooted phones but what the hell?

  • Wow Lucky Patcher Is Most Usefull Application For Offline Apps And In App Purchase I USe This Application Only For Picsart In App Purchase : ) Wonderfull Application.

  • I can not change into Indonesian in this version. Please help me?

  • how can i see which game apps can the lucky patcher would be able to hack?

  • How to hack clash of clans pleas replay

  • It is really good ap are you have other apk like this by which we can patch any apk

  • You guys r lucky I can’t download it

  • jhonelfloreto
    February 3, 2017 4:30 am

    Panoinaupdate sa browser ang luckypatcher

  • Plz help me i cant download apk file what shuold i do???

  • ABHISHEK mehra
    February 1, 2017 4:40 am

    What is ur real name lucky patcher..and I can’t hack my clash of clan game ..can u tell me how can i hack my game .plz plz plz…….and how can i root my samsung galaxy J1 ace ….

  • ABHISHEK mehra
    February 1, 2017 4:33 am

    What is ur real name lucky patcher..and I can’t hack my clash of clan game ..can u tell me how can i hack my game .plz plz plz

  • Open menu of pathes on the app, create modfied apk file, APK rebuilt for inapp and LVL emulation, rebuilt… Dont click “OK” click open file then uninstall and install the app. After reinstalling it from lucky patcher try to purchase. Hope it helps ?

  • Hi, im using Lucky Patcher on Swamp Attack. It works thank you. But im having problem downloading episode after hacking the billing. What could be the solution.? Pls help.

  • how to patch a clash of clans???????

  • How to remove ads?!!???

  • How to hack rummycircle

  • I installed on my S6 and now I get a black screen even in safe mode. What can I do? Where is the location of the app in the file system? I cannot find it in /data/app.

  • Having some issues with hacking Episode after their new patch.. can’t buy the free gems or passes. It just comes up with a purchase error. Will you be able to fix this in your coming patch?

  • For Lets Fish not work 🙁

  • muneer baloch
    January 1, 2017 5:54 am

    This is not working in ultimate teen patti

  • My question is the same which Abdullah had asked recently
    Pls help me……

  • Do the company of the games get the information that we are hacking their “in app purchase ” pls help me.

  • No, Its not a crime. But don’t share or promote any patched games.

  • Is it a crime for hacking any game using lucky patcher please help me I am confused ?

  • I used this app before and it’s very good but now I cannot patch anything

  • I patch the game CRAZY TAXI CITY RUSH and after I select “apk rebuild for inapp and lvl emulation” then I rebuild it I cannot open the game. Anymore I uninstall the original app before I install the crack file

  • Good

  • how to download in laptop

  • hola como podria hacer para para poder hacer compras en pocket heroes v2.0.5 ya que aplico el parche y no ocurre nada espero me puedan ayudar

  • I can’t download this app anytime I download this app the screen appear apk not installed how I download this app in non rooted device tell me

  • Gooood. apppppp. great

  • Please check your storage. Is there enough free space available?

  • Why I cant dowload lucky patcher?????? It always says download unsuccessful. Why????????

  • Se puede hack empire war of kings??? Porque cuando voy a comprar con esta apk me dice error de pago!!! X favor que se puede hacer para que funcione!!!

  • Please fix to Apple products!

  • is this apk works on clash of clans i need unlimited gems,elixire or gold will u tell me how to patch

  • Used to work with SWFC, now it’s not, it’s cloning the app but app itself won’t open, or open and immediately close. Any solutions to that please? Cheers.

  • Please let me know if you get an apk working for online games.

  • Lucky putcher +busy box have been my best friends for years. Still remains my best friends though I can’t patch clash of Kings.
    Please help if they can.

  • pls help me how to solve this

  • help me dude I’m try to patch paly store. but now I can’t access my google account in my phone but i can use pc

  • coc unlimeted gems hack is good App.

  • can i hack mcent with this app

  • Can you get it for Apple?

  • make sure in-App purchase service for online game is working ??

  • Yes. You’re right.

  • Uhh this dosnt work on apple right?

  • You’re welcome.

  • James download kingroot app from google install and open it now click on root. Sorry for bad english 🙂

  • Wow awesome app nice work lucky patcher thanks alot for this nice app

  • Would I be banned

  • Hi how to root Android device…. Plz give me a solutions…

  • I like you lucky patcher…. Now I have crossed any hard levels….. Thank u so much.

  • Lucky patcher can hack pixel gun 3d

  • Dear lucky patcher i am asking you to make a hack for king of thives please do this it would be such an great honber and make it usable for non rooted device to be fair

  • i mean “MARSHMALLOW 6.1” please fix it ASAP :,,(

  • PATCH IS NOT WORKING FOR ANDROID “marshmellow 6.1” in samsung j7 2016 , PLEASE FIX ASAP :,(

  • Mere Ko game haking sekho a pleaz

  • OK thanx nice app

  • Lucky Patcher can’t hack most of the online games as they use their own data server.

  • Can it hack online games like:clash of clans ,jungle heat,clash royal ,dragon city for apk. How?

  • I’ve seen my friends use the app but I can’t it looks so cool

  • How to download 6.3.2 apk

  • ronnel tenerife
    October 17, 2016 2:36 am

    can i use this app for coc hack?

  • ronnel tenerife
    October 17, 2016 2:35 am

    i have a question this app can use for clash of clans?

  • I want to hack online game
    Empire: War Of Kings
    How i can this
    Please tell me
    I want to change my level in game

  • Very good

  • I am able to create a modded version of Age of Kingdoms Empire clash but lucky patcher is unable to hack the in app purchases. I dont have rooted phone, what should i do ?

  • Thanks.

  • Best app. Hack or crack any app. Beeeeeessssssttttt ?

  • in version 6.2.9 lucky patcher can not get root access, while at Xpose get access .. all applications that require root access, can successfully run and just lucky patcher that does not .. I use the phone Xiaomi redmi note 2 and using a custom rom aospx 5.0 .. can you help my problem?

  • Please add 6.2.9 version

  • Lucky Patcher 6.2.9 is not realeased yet. But will be released soon.

  • Where is 6.2.9? Download column have only 6.2.8 i came here coz inapp update is not working and you also not having it. Disappointed.

  • It won’t work even for a rooted user unless custom patch is available. They updated all their games to verify the gamefile in cloud. So, if the server detected huge change in local save, it reset the save. Try moded apk. That one won’t ask for internet connection.

  • Ze550ml? Zenfone pulled back version update. Your root access is broken dude

  • Online games are un hackable dude. Don’t waste time in doing that.

  • Did you got it working? It’s a host file problem. In block adds, last option restore the local host file. Restore it and restart your phone. Will work again. Or, serch for host file editor apk. In that, just select the host file and flush it and restart the phone. You will get google products working again.

  • Sounds like Purchase timing has been changed in play store. Go to setring in play store, find the authentication timing and set it to every 30min. Will work

  • Actually, you need to pay to download it. After downloading the app backup the app, ask for google refund. The mod helps you to use it after that.

  • Syed Kashif Ali Naqvi
    October 3, 2016 6:03 pm

    Good Job.


  • Hello, Dear Developer Lucky patcher Great Hacking Tool in Android platform… But bro i can’t patch gameloft games for example Thor the dark, Six guns and many more gameloft products, when i try to custom patch or apk level inapp and emulation l, its always fail
    So please bro do something.. otherwise great work (non root user)

  • App not installed on Asus Zenfone 2(android m 6.0.1)…

  • This app used to work for me but doesn’t work for me anymore and its been going on for around 4 months. I used to enjoy the app but now it’s just frustrating. Can please fix this?

  • is there some process i am not doing right? I keep rebuilding and doing the same steps to unlocks resources for clash of clans but nothing works as it shows.

  • I love this app
    Please create a patch for farmdale too

  • So I downloaded lucky patcher and got all my gems and tickets but now my game doesn’t have an update butto, how can I fix this

  • welcome

  • cant hack episode game.. please upgrade.. thanks 🙂

  • Dimana caranya memasang lucky patcher

  • How to unlock unlimited coins for dream league soccer 2016

  • Akash Pokhrel
    August 17, 2016 4:40 pm

    How to mod google play store . I have modded it by using lucky patcher it says play store is modded and works well but cannot download paid apps from play store.

  • parashar dutta
    August 13, 2016 9:06 am

    I want to upload some coustom patches

  • Is it need root or unable to work right ?

  • Kingroot root checker sub camplit hai sir rooting hai sir please help

  • Hi sir please help me
    mere game hach nai hore sir koi help kardo please
    installation finished with an must uninstall the original application before installing this apk if this does not help reboot device manually.also,try uninstalling the application.

    PM error:pkg:/storage/emulated/legacy/
    android/data/ sarvice.Lock/files/Luckypatcher/

  • How do i root lucky patcher

  • Loi cu phap

  • after I update my lucky patcher to the latest version suddenly its not working to purchase anymore..(before this im easily play in-purchase games without paying anything) I keep try uninstall n install again n its very dissapointed me…what should i do?

  • Can lucky patcher hack respawnables without root

  • Hey why I can’t install lucky patcher 6.1.0?

  • plz I need help i desibled google play server ads
    now google play not working and any other google apps
    i reset the device but still not working and I cant sign in too

  • How to unlock candy crush all level s

  • i cant install the latest version of lucky patcher 6.2.3 but i can install old version can u help me pls tnx .

  • hi,

    I want to use lucky patcher 6.2.4 on VPN Speed (Free & Unlimited)v1.1, to remove ads and timer, please anyone could check and let me know that lucky patcher 6.2.4 is removing ads and timer.

    Please anyone help me out

    thanks a lot

  • Dead Trigger 2 Parchase failed
    with lucky patcher 6.2.4.

  • Can we use this in online games? Great app btw.

  • Please show me how to cheat games with Lucky Patchers, thank you!

  • Tomy_tubemate
    June 30, 2016 9:57 am

    Can I cheat games with this app? Are there any virus that can infect my devices?

  • Is, you what men

  • Samuel Sihombing
    June 27, 2016 11:25 am

    Please help! I can’t use my smule for vip access. I’ve been launch the custom patch on android 6.0 but still not working.

  • I have iOS can I still get this?

  • Not seeing download

  • guy works well.but in app purchases doesnt work for online games.pls try to make server patching.

  • No, It will not harm your device.

  • Esse app. Não pega em iOS não né pessoal quem sabe min responde

  • Will this app harm my phone, or take personal information? Just wonderful thank you.

  • Aonde baixa????

  • You are welcome 🙂

  • Nike valentine
    May 25, 2016 7:23 am

    Marvelous app . Thanks to all the developer .

  • Did you select unknown source from your security settings? You couldn’t download the file? Or you couldn’t install it?

  • It’s not getting downloaded in my tab please any remedy

  • You’re welcome. Keep in touch.

  • Very nice app… Easy to use. Lucky patcher is really a great app for removing ads, license verification… No more boring ads now on my android smartphone. Thanks a lot for creating the app.

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