How To Download & Import Custom Patches

Here is a small tutorial on how to download and import custom patches to Lucky Patcher app. You can see the list of recently added custom patches here.

Method 1: Directly Import From Site:

You can browse the custom patches from our site and directly import it to Lucky Patcher. You need to click on the download button of your desired custom patch (lpzip). Then open the file with Lucky Patcher. It will import the lpzip file automatically. Then restart lucky patcher app.

Method 2: import Downloaded (lpzip format) custom patch to Lucky Patcher:

You can download custom patch (lpzip) in your smartphone. Then go to the file manager and click on the the downloaded file and open with Lucky Patcher. It will import the custom patch. Then restart lucky patcher.

Method 3: import Downloaded (zip format) custom patch to Lucky Patcher

You can also import custom patch (from zip file) manually. You just need to extract the custom patch (zip) file and then copy the required files to the destination folder.

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