Licence Verification Problem

According to your current implementation LP check classes.dex for patching , what if LVL check present in native .so file , I request you to make a algorithm to check .so file also for LVL check , like latest damonps2pro have LVL in .so file so LP can not bypass this and and please use different UI , search , tools etc at bottom is not a good choice , set them in a sliding drawer , set a explicit button for user app and one for system app ,3rd for xposed emulation , 4th for dalvik -cache ,reboot etc , it will give better user handling ..and most horrible situation when integrating update of android system webview into system , it never integrate update to system for me as patch for ASWV in my phone is system/app not system/priv-app , need to fix it as my all net connectivity is stopped without android system webview ..Good Luck Chelpus and thanks for LP

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