I want to offer you some more ideas(:

Hello, can you fix the error with entering the forum when I enter and want to view my posts, but it says: "This topic was not found", and what should I do? (: Can you fix this error? (: I would really like you added a couple of new functions to Lucky Patcher, you can make such a function so that you can in some games, disable loading with the input of the game, but this function will make the game go offline without an Internet connection, this function will be called: "Disable Internet access" description: "This function is designed to remove Internet access in applications and games, when there is Internet access when entering and downloading a game or application, when the user wants to delete it, he will do it with courage, and when downloaded through the application store, it will be as before ", here, 2. a function so that in games or applications it does not require updating the game, but simply when the user wants and wants to delete it, and if he wants to download a certain application, then there will be update and will require to update, this function will be called "Disable updates in the application or game", description: "This function is intended to remove all updates, and after that the game or application will not require updating only if through the application store demand "behold, 3. So that Lucky Patcher does not automatically turn off social networks, but only when the user wants he did it, this function will be called "Disable Social Networks", description: "In this function, you can delete all social networks" here, 4. you can make which functions are available only through root access, but to be available without root access, here, 5. You can fix the error with the transfer of Lucky Patcher through a link or file, when I want to send it, it does not send to me here(:Please fulfill my all-all requests?(:More 6. Can you make it possible to make a game or application in Lucky Patcher? (:

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