Regarding False DMCA Complaints.

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Dear website owners, 

We have seen that a lot of links were removed from Google search results about Lucky Patcher app. Someone submitted a lot of fake DMCA complaints using our site name and Brand name.

We would like to inform you that we did not submit any DMCA complaints against any website. Someone else doing this bad job to reduce competition in Google Search.

If you are victim of these fake DMCA complaints, please submit a counter notice to Google. Google may reinstate your site url upon receiving your Counter Notice.


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prasad replied
3 Weeks
akashrs replied
2 Months

Why did New lucky patcher need photo access? What is the main reason for this.

If we allow Photo access can developer can able to view our personal picture and can stolen and upload in there server. And it can modify our picture which getting any information to us.

brayaaannn replied
3 Months
Hey are you going to help me please
nekofoox replied
3 Months
Youch. Sorry for ya website owners