Custom Patch For Helakuru – Digital Sinhala Keyboard

App Name: Helakuru – Digital Sinhala Keyboard
App URL:

To download the Custom Patch select the version from below toggle/drop down and click on the download button.

Version: 4.3.3 and Up
Version: 4.X.X
Version: 4.3.3 and Up

App Version: 4.3.3 and Up
Custom Patch Author: Rezor Kenway
Author E-mail or Site: [email protected]
Patch Description: Pro Version Activater

Version: 4.X.X

App Version: 4.X.X
Custom Patch Author: Rezor Kenway
Author E-mail: [email protected](dot)com
Patch Description: Pro Version Activator


See how to import custom patches to Lucky Patcher. If you have any custom Patch, Please Submit it to our website. All the custom patches here are submitted by the users. If this custom patch is fake or doesn’t work, please comments below.

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