Shazam, old version (best) now unsupported

WHAT I HUMBLY REQUEST: a working modded version of 3.14.1-snapshot-jb78511 SHAZAM

Hi, Shazam for android some years ago was the best application ever for finding music BUT IT GOT WORSE AND NOW, BOUGHT BY APPLE IS NOT SO GOOD ANYMORE.

I am talking about the version 3.14.1-snapshot-jb78511 witch was THE LAST VERSION EVER WITH THE FOLLOWING FUNCTION: the shazam button worked BOTH to start and to stop the research. It was an amazing app. 

sadly I had to restore the phone and all the appdata was cancelled. now Shazam won't configure right: it says app version unsupported. I tried rebuilding the apk, meshing it with other similar versions BUT HUMBLY: I am just not able.

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