Mortal Kombat X- mobile

A few years ago lucky patcher worked just fine on MKX, i had free in-app purchases, no lag, no ads and so on. i tried to do it again a few days ago and when i press reconstruct on the wanted patches a dialog box pops up. something like "an unknown error has occured" or something like that. The point is that the error is unknown. The game requires an internet connection to play but 90% of the things you do in-game are offline. I've been trying everthing, no patches work on it. I tried removing dependencies, that doesnt work. i tried to remove the ads, didn't work. in-game free purchases- doesn't work, all under the same unknown error. If you are curious about this feel free to try it and see the errors yourselves. The internet is full of people who try to find ways to cheat in that game, you can find over 10-15 sites of "mkx mobile hacked". Ofc none of them work, i tried them all. 

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