I-Bus app hack

Hello. There is an app to communicate with bmw car bus via usb bus-uart converter. App get via usb converter 7 last digits of car vin code and compare it with database of purchased codes. Algorithm of activation: purchase the code, after usually 24 hours need to launch program on tablet, go to information about car (all fields are blank), turn ignition on (app receives data from car and 7 last digits of vin), go to 3 dots -> activate, activate. At this moment app connects to the database and compares code. If it found it in a database application allows to use all functions and no more need internet access to work even after another start of car/app. Will be good to cut off internet access for app to check uptakes. Link for app: https://ibus-app.de/app

Possible mask line of data from car: D0 10 80 54 47 58 43 66 80 06 17 40 54 00 00 01 12 B8

where 54 - code of massage, 47 58 43 66 80 - vin code (GX43668), and other information about car.

If will be needed any other information about how program works- will try to help.

I was trying to hack the app via lucky patcher - nothing helps.

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