Hi, where can I download the earlier official version of LP? (v5.x - v6.x)

First of all, thanks for LP. I have several gingerB devices with <1 GB RAM. Recent LPs takes a massive performance hit. Searching through internet quickly gives me a headache as I can't verify their APK.Would be grateful if mods/admin can provide the earlier 5.x - 6.x. Maybe make the link forum only if you want.

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kaos81 replied
2 Years

Lucky patcher official site has all the archived versions https:pensive:/www.luckypatchers.com/

theobjr replied
2 Years

I also prefer to use LP to make an app a system app or to update my system apps and integrate them into the system. Titanium backup always got stuck in a loop when I tried to use it for that.

My version that I updated from LP itself on 2/5/18 is version 7.0.5. I sometimes update from Mobilism market and Chelpus I think uploads updates there as well (I am assuming that this is LP creator) If you have never heard of it before, Mobilism Market (there is an apk as well as a website) has almost any app and mods that you can think of for free. I almost never have to search elsewhere for an app, and the updates are posted it seems as soon as they are posted on the google playstore.  There is also a paid membership (that has a free trial option) that enables you to download from the site itself instead of having to follow the links that a lot of apk download sites make you follow (which sometimes try to trick you into installing something else along with the app you want which is on the site if you press the right download button, which I hate)
asepp replied
2 Years
Thanks a lot mate  **cheers**
Now I don't have to worry about those malwares and fake LPs

I actually prefer LP to TitaniumBackup and several other root/system tools. It's a pity (though understandable) that newer phone even rejects LP out-of-the-box  >.<

Thanks again !