The app updates to 8.2.7 but the website still has 8.2.6??


I just opened LP this morning and decided to check for updates, I saw the newest version 8.2.7 just came out. So I decided to make a video on the new version. To my surprise, when I went to, I saw it was still on 8.2.6. About an hour later it is still in this state. I am quite confused. Is this site not the original site after all, or was there just a delay or error? 

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admin replied
5 Months
we need a few hours to update the file in the website.
ibuprophen replied
5 Months
This has always been the way the Developer has pushed updates....

I'm just assuming that the Developer pushes the updates to the app itself and then begins the process for providing the update to the Website since the Developer has to provide the text information and such for the website.

This is only a guess and I'm not exactly sure as to the rhyme or reason...