Please help

I have a really serious problem....i installed lucky patcher and i patched a game and i unistalled it because i wanted to see if it's the last version but when i tried to install it again from the same site (the official one) it didn't said that the app is not installed.....i tried to delete the old files hoping that it will work after but it didn't......please help me i really want to install this app....

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tomas4 replied
1 Year

Try to look at this path: /data/app/ (use some root browser, or file manager) , then try to find file with extension .odex it will be at this format [com.nameOfTheAppOrVendor.something.odex] or [org.nmeOfTheAppOrVendor.something.odex] for example app: WpsWpaTester is here stored as [com.tester.wpswpatester-2.apk] and it's odex as [com.tester.wpswpatester-2.odex]...when you patch WpsWpaTestes the Lucky patcher created that odex file ([com.tester.wpswpatester-2.odex]).. So you have to find file [com.NameOfTheAppYouWantToInstall.something.odex] and manually delete it. Each normall app will have there one file with .apk extension, every app you have patched with LuckyPatcher will have there two files, one with .apk extension and one with .odex extension. An probably when you uninstalled that app, system deleted only file with .apk extension and file with .odex extension is still there, so that's why system can not install that app again (it thinks that the app is already installed).