IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! question for the LUCKY PATCH TEAM

I have been using this marvelous wonderful application 4 a month month-and-a-half now and I just want to say it's great and an unbelievable applications I have had no problems until the last update I think the version number is 6. 9. 9. 2 all I know it's just the last update that is applied every time I apply a patch of any sort to the application I do the usual uninstall and reinstall the patched app and then when I go to launch the app that's been patched over it crashes every single time I try to launch it. I was wondering if there's anybody on the lucky patch development team could give us a reason why the applications that are patched over crash or if they could fix the problem so please let me know something if you know anything have a great day lucky patchers

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chrisjr1985 replied
2 Years
I mainly get my APK, so from apkmirror. Com and apk pure. Com. And when I try to install after applying the multi or single patch when I hit install it it says app not installed. Can someone please help me understand that and (can someone PLEASE HELP ME WITH GETTING APPS FROM Google play store patched so I can not have to pay for anything anymore 
codelyokoxteam replied
2 Years
First you don't have to uninstall, installed mod apks. You can upgrade or reinstall new moded apk without gotten error. (but if you installed original apk, you must Uninstall it.) 

Is this bug still present? 

Did you try mod apk same version that before installed your device? 

(because may be new version of that game have protection against moded apk)