Chinese MIUI Firmware message upon start

I receive the message "Chinese MIUI firmware often limits work of lucky patcher in the back-ground. Because of this, Inapp purcase emulation and other functions do not work. Open lucky patcher settings to enable all possible permissions for it?". Following the message I have the option for Yes or No upon which if I press yes it takes me to my phones battery saving settings? I have enabled all possible app permissions and my phone is a galaxy s7 from the UK/England so I have no idea where the chinese MIUI software has come from. Lucky patcher/in app purchases worked previously but now they don't. I would appreciate any help. 

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mubarack replied
5 Months
That is the problem I'm facing now,and now if I patch the application it didn't work,

Any help is needed

arm replied
6 Months
One of my friends got that too just recently on J7 Pro but the purchases still worked fine... Idk why that happens