chapters interactive stories apk

hi, I'm new, so I'm sorry if this thread is placed in the wrong section, I downloaded the "chapters interactive stories" apk, and patched it using lucky patcher, it worked for around 24hrs and then a message popped up saying my account was disabled as my apk appeared as faulty, is there any way I can repair this problem please? thanksĀ 

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sa_wido replied
3 Months
They just made a new update to Chapters today, so everyone who modifies their game right now with the current modified data in LP, gets their account instantly locked/closed.
If you had an account previously, don't alter it and just keep using the Tickets + Crystals you've got for now.Gone through and tested on 3 diff accounts. Purchases doesn't work and you get an instant lock from the app.
sa_wido replied
5 Months
Started using it just recently - managed about 3 days with a registered account and now it "looks like the account is faulty." Prolly means it's some kind of manual ban/closure.
I cleared the data of the app, through Lucky, restarted. Didn't sign in to Google/FB through it, meaning.
Can read again, but all previous readings (non-completed books etc) are of zero'ed - same with Diamonds. Refilled diamonds and I'm back to reading again.
I will finish all the currently "Finished" books first that I'm interested in, then go back to the on-going ones.
So the solution/bypass is to clear the Data through Lucky and start it back up. You won't have the old progressions saved, but you'll probably have a rough feeling on which books you had read.
clairelou1982 replied
6 Months
I am also having the same problem. I've used Chapters for months and now my account has been closed.

Does anyone have a solution?