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I love this app.. Was able to patch it.. It changed the price on the items.. But when I go to purchase something.. It tells me there's an issue with my Google play payment methods..... Any suggestions 

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luckypatcher101 replied
1 Year
What is the name of some of the apps you have used not on the list  vladdaddy

- Virtual Beggar

- Eden

- Godus

- A Planet of Mine

- SimCity BuildIt

- Pirates and Traders 2

- The Pirate: Carribean Hunt

- The Pirate: Plague of the Dead

- The Trail - (Only works with rooted device when you patch instead of create a modified APK file)

http://ihackedit.com Also has a very large database of modded APK files. Check them out too.

vladdaddy replied
1 Year
What is the name of some of the apps you have used not on the list 
luckypatcher101 replied
1 Year

Unfortunately most mobile games will not work with LuckyPatchers InApp and LVL emulation. Unless a custom patch is made by a user (which rarely happens), you'll most likely not have any luck with this game. The patch may have visibly changed the prices of the items in their shop for you, however this does not mean the app will work with the patch. What you could try is if you've attempted patching it, create a modified apk file instead, or if you started with that, try patching it. You could also attempt checking the "Intent broadcast for all" box. But after this I'm afraid there's nothing else you can do.

If you don't end up getting it to work, there's a list of apps that are compatible with lucky patcher here. (If none of these apps are appealing to you I can give you the name of some that I've used myself not on the list).