Problem to move app to system/app

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When i try to move an app to system app, After reboot, the app just disappears.

I have no ideia of what to do.

Does anyone knows what can i do?

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llarthtpll replied
2 Years
But how can I find this folder?

Using ES file explorer, I can't find the system/app folder

theobjr replied
2 Years
I never had that problem after reboot, but you can do this by yourself manually with es file explorer or other file system app and paste the apk in system/app. However, some apps require a lib folder and may need to be under system/priv-app instead of system/app. That is my experience at least. Lucky Patcher automatically places the app in the priv-app folder on my phone. I suppose you can make all the apps you want in your system priv-apps, but as I have read somewhere, priv-apps have more permissions enabled automatically (or something like that.)