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I usually keep an old playstore apk as a system app and use the LP modded playstore as a user app. That way the store doesn't update automatically. For some reason I didn't have the old version in my system so when I uninstalled the updated playstore from google play in order to installl the modded google play from the LP app, I noticed there was a new option in LP 7.0.5-to install license and in app billing services mini app. I tried this and noticed that it says that it is playstore version 5.0.3 (or something like that).

Does anyone know the uses for this new option?

Is it for those who don't want to have google playstore installed on their phone?

Say you do have the playstore installed (modded or not), what does the "proxy server for google play" switch do?

Does a newer version of the playstore patched manually with LP function the same as the one available in the LP toolbox under "Install modded google play store?" 

(The google playstore that was updated automatically on my phone was 8.7... but the modded LP version is only 8.6.22)

One other question not related but I might as well ask because I just noticed. What does the "Directory Binder" toolbox option do?

I have been using Lucky Patcher for years, but I I just signed up for the forum so thanks for the help. 

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chelpus replied
2 Years
Proxy server for Google Play is only license verification service and InApp emulation service. All other code cut from proxy server to GP. Its good for users without google play and google services. This users can instal this mini version for hack license and inapp purchases without all other google garbage on device.

Directory Binder - for map folsers from internal memory to external sdcard. But it work only for old androids. New android not support this function.