Lucky patcher and secret folders on Samsung

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is there a way to patch both the normal app and the same app in the secret folder? 

I am trying to patch Clip Studio Paint. But i want to have the app as a usual app and as an app in the secret folder for secret projects. 

When i install CSP, use LP and then install the modified versiob it works. But i can't install CSP the usual way in the secret folder because it's already installed the normal way, so it says 'app can't be installed'. So i have to copy the app to the secret folder from the secret folder menu, but when i do that the patch does not work anymore. Instead i get an infinite loading screen when i try to 'buy' the app. 

When i delete the normal app and do the whole installation on the secret folder only it works. When i try to install it the normal way afterwards it won't work, same as above. 

So is there a way? 

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