How to patch the game "CHOICES"

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I am unable to successfully patch Choices and get a way around InApp Purchases. Could someone help please?

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sa_wido replied
11 Months

Thanks for the reply Snowprojects.I'll have to give this Modded Google Play a try, since using the Proxy Server attached with LP doesn't fix it (for me at least).

I do not have xposed, to be honest I don't even know what that is.If you've moved on from this, I understand but I'd none the less would love perhaps a more detailed or step by step routine for a n00blet like myself.


Edit: Tried both the latest Modded Google Play as well as the Proxy only - with the proxy both activated and off on both versions. No dice.
If I run with either modded or proxy on, the price of the gems/keys are lowered to 0.x's but game gives me "Denied" when I try to purchase things. Modding the file itself, with or without the proxy or modded Google Play, also lowers the costs but same issue (As in, if you mod the game the prices go down even with standard original Google Play).

snowprojects replied
1 Year

It may be that the application you are trying to patch is protected against this type of modification

If you have root access, I recommend installing the Modded Google Play or the proxy server for Google Play, so you can try to bypass InAppBilling from your app without making any changes in the apk file

If you have root and xposed, I recommend using the Lucky Patcher module, it is more effective and also ah more chances of you being able to circumvent the InAppBilling of your app with it. Hope this helps


Snow Projects.