How to Modify Permissions successfully

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I'm trying to figure out how to Modify Permissions successfully every time I take away multiple or even a single permission it causes the app to no longer open.  example: I want to block every  permission on the AC market app that Isn't required to use the app because I'm pretty positive some of the permissions are not necessary and I could use same method on other apps as well I've been reading up on what each permission is and does to try and understand what seems required for app to run but it seems it doesn't matter what one I block it causes the app to crash on startup so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. 

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codelyokoxteam replied
2 Years
That app crashed because its have code to detect apk is mod or not. So you can't mod that app. If you have root access & patch permissions on that app, app can't detect app is patched. (that's why luckypatcher wanted root access for work without errors)