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Guys im always using this app but yesterday i just add a random lucky patcher widget to my screen and i remember that widget is a switch like but i really did not read it as to what is that for. So after i added it to the screen i just misclicked it then after switching it suddenly the widget disappeared and also the app itself in the list of apps. But it's still on the list of app installed in settings menu but when im trying to open the app it didn't open, so i tried to uninstall the app and install it but as i tried to install it again, the app cant be installed again idk why and i tried other apps and the same thing happened i can't t install any app anymore! So guys pls help me idk whats that switch for im really careless sorry pls help guys! 

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tomas4 replied
1 Year
And try to reboot your device if you have not done that yet...
tomas4 replied
1 Year
I have these widget of LP avaible:

1. Proxy for Googleplay

2. LVL emulation

3. In app emulation

4. Patches for android

5. On/Off directory binder

6. Application enable (need to select which app from list will be enabled or dissabled )

Which one you have been clicked? No one did something similar to your description on my phone.... Maybe you clicked patches for android and something went wrong? Or you select some app to be dissabled or enbled for example app called "package installer"?