Emulate in-app purchase in Adobe Lightroom - Android

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Hi there,:wink:

I'm trying to get unlocked the premium options in Adobe Lightroom on Android.

I digged in the tutorials and tired all of them without success. My device is rooted. Lightroom uses a system of plan so it asks for a monthly payment through the Google billing service.

Do you have any ideas about how emulate a plan purchase compared to a single purchase to get money in-game nor a single purchase to unlock a pro license?

Basically what I get when trying to emulate in-app purchase is a loading circle animation but instead of opening Google billing (or Lucky Patcher window) Lightroom just stop and tell me that an error occurred.

Any help is more than welcome!


If it can be done with a custom patch I can try to spend some time to learn how to do it.

Thanks in advance!

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