Downloading Free Apps

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At the website it says you can download paid apps for free directly from Play Store but there are no insteuctions about it neither on the site nor on the web except one video which doesn't work. Please help.

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pix3ljunk replied
4 Months
Yeah as arm said you have to always buy the app first. Refund it then you can take advantage of the Patch.

 IMHO If you need to have the money to buy it first for it to work and obviously is an app I really want I just buy it and thats it, that's why I find this patch worthless because either way if you just want to test it before really paying for it you can ask for a refund anyways if you don't like it. 

karlatlujan replied
5 Months
hey guys can you suggest me a good leo playcard link ?
arm replied
5 Months
You have to buy the app then refund it and you can keep it installed.