Custom Patches doesn't stay applied

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Hello everyone,

after my update to Android Pie / EMUI 9 I am having issues with the custom patches. Youtube and TitaniumBackup, just to name some examples. I can apply the patch and its working fine for some hours but afterwards I open the app again and the patch isn't applied anymore.
I would be gratful for any idea.

Kind regards


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arm replied
1 Year
I guess so, look some other posts on the forum also complain about 9.0 giving trouble.
lazyd131 replied
1 Year
Thank you for your answer.

So no solution for this behavior? Hard for me to belief because I couldn't find any other complains about this behavior on Google an else where.
arm replied
1 Year
Apparently Android 9 doesn't work very well with hacking apps, I think it's because they're trying to make changes to make Android gradually evolve into Fuschia OS, but it breaks several apps. Not m