After patching(3 green lines), "License verification found" still shown in LuckyPatcher :frowning:

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Hello Forum

i patched an app (3 green lines / you have 46% Luck), deinstalled the app in question and resinstalled the modified App.

Surprisingly in LuckyPatcher under the app in question, it's still written "License verification found"


Does that mean "License verification" was not really successfully removed?

Thank's a lot for any help!



I patched the APK in Airplane mode = no internet connection)

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joe replied
1 Year

Thank's a lot codelyokoxteam  for the helpful feedback!


codelyokoxteam replied
1 Year
That show because that app request permission to verify license it self. So luckypatcher show "license verification found". 

After patch that app & if app work perfect, that mean that app's license verification module call to luckypatcher to verify their app. So don't worry still show "license verification found". Because still app verify license using luckypatcher. 

Perhaps if doesn't work app & still app says license is not verified, that mean they use their own servers to verify app (that mean they didn't use play store to do that) or different module to verify app licenses. So that can't help with luckypatcher. That's why custom patch (specifically designed for that app, replacing codes in that apk) use to crack that module (not only crack license verification)  & bypass it.