Request tutorial modding app!

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Hey broo!!

I'm big fans lucky patcher, i used from 2011!!!

I'm 27 y'old now!

I just can patching patching and patching.

But i never know what happen behind that!

Did you want to show us how can you patch that change dex smali, hex, ascii, binary, octal, or whatever is this called.

We need some video that show how lucky patcher work behind that.

C'mon, share your knowledge with us!

Just a simple video.

We don't understand manual help on lucky patcher,

Like Basic/ Create custom patch!

How do we know use to?

Meanwhile theri is no simple video that prof to us how to use it!!

Share your knowledge!

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mikeh76 replied
1 Year
I concur. An in depth tutorial for those of us that are android illiterate would be great. I've been using LP for years and I'm not ashamed to admit that the patch creation feature of the app is something I would love to use if I had a basic grasp of how to use it.
nayan replied
1 Year
Check forum videos. 
fisheylp replied
1 Year

It's a bit messy but still helpful:

And for the dalvik opcodes:

I didn't really find any other such detailed information on how to create patches