Lucky Patcher PC

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After i decided to root my BlueStacks (yes, its possible)

I decided im going to be working on this again!

But development will be really slow since i have online school.

Anyways Thanks for reading!


UPDATE 1: Hiatus :frowning:

Hello again LP Forum

Due to private topics i am putting Lucky Patcher PC..... ON HIATUS :frowning:

If i get enough time to develop it i will.

Im sorry everyone who wanted this, i regret myself :frowning:


Hello LP Forum

I just started doing a concept for a little fanmade project based on Lucky Patcher....


Right now i am making the GUIS for the program, its spanish btw... but after we finish making the spanish version we will continue to the english translation.

It is made using Visual Studio 2015 and C#

Runs best in windows 10

I may actually put an uninteractive demo of it. but not now

and if it makes scandal with developers i will rename it "Ruckus"

Beware for updates :grinning:

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andheartman replied
7 Months
Where link bro?

i mail adress: [email protected]