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A new version of Lucky Patcher has been released.

App Version: 7.1.5

Size 7.46 MB


Start process optimized;

Modded Google Play 9.2.11 added.

Download APK Now

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nemsis72 replied
1 Year
Cannot download custom patches from withing app... Keep throwing up no internet connection, even though I'm connected.. What's up with that? 
geribaldi replied
1 Year
Ich have some issues with patch Android since some previous versions on android 7, 8 and now 8.1

I have two phones same issue in booth.

If try to enbale the android patch my phone restart but in lp its still unticked, also if i patch it several times.

Few times it worked until next firmware flash but there was the issue that remove android patch was not possible.

Seems that lp has any permission problems to change the patch.

If i use xposed to patch Android with lp, it shows a successful test result but i can't install different signatures over the installed one