I would like to improve the English translation of LP

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Good day, I have a request to help improve the English translation of Lucky Patcher in the app and the website. Some of my friends who use Lucky Patcher are confused about the different methods available, due to the translation being difficult to understand. Thus, I ask if I can help to improve the English translation. I have written an article about Lucky Patcher outlining some of the features here. I also contributed to the Wikipedia article about Lucky Patcher (Which got deleted). I am a moderator on the Malware Wiki with over 2000 edits. I am also trying to learn Android coding and hacking. If anyone would like to contact me my email is [email protected]

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admin replied
8 Months

Here is the link if you want to contribute in our translation project.


stevey replied
9 Months
Thumbs up. Happy codingĀ