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App Name: Play Store
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Version: 8.5.39
Version: 8.5.39

App Version: 8.5.39
Custom Patch Author: grubbas (original by chelpus)
Author E-mail or Blog:
Patch Description: Disable App Removal On Refund
Patch ported from Modded Play Store by Chelpus
Updated to supply most recent Play Store versions
Working at least until 8.5.39

You can buy apps from the Play Store and immediately ask for a refund.
If this patch has been applied, the refunded apps will not be uninstalled and will still be available to the user.
WARNING: refunded apps will NOT get any updates from the Play Store.
WARNING 2: the google refund policy applies ONCE to every single app. Do not try to do the trick with the same app twice as for the second time there will be NO option to refund!


See how to import custom patches to Lucky Patcher. If you have any custom Patch, Please Submit it to our website. All the custom patches here are submitted by the users. If this custom patch is fake or doesn’t work, please comments below.

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