Custom Patch for Robbery Bob

App Name: Robbery Bob
App URL:

To download the Custom Patch select the version from below toggle/drop down and click on the download button.

Version: 1.18.12
Version: 1.18.12

App Version: 1.18.12
Custom Patch Author: Snow Projects
Author E-mail or Site: (Protected)
Patch Description: Game: Robbery Bob
Version: 1.18.12
Patch Author: Snow Projects
Patch Version: 0.1 (First release)
Patch Release Date: 11/12/2018

Components: This patch disable all ads and analytics services
App Data: This patch unlocks all levels and set all items values to maximum

– Notes

This custom patch only works on devices with root access

This custom patch may not work in previous and/or higher versions of the app

I’m not responsible for data loss or fails in your app caused from the use of this patch

For contact, questions or suggestions, please send me an email (use english only): (Email protected, hold CAPTCHA to view it)


See how to import custom patches to Lucky Patcher. If you have any custom Patch, Please Submit it to our website. All the custom patches here are submitted by the users. If this custom patch is fake or doesn’t work, please comments below.

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