Custom Patch For Bomber Friends

App Name: Bomber Friends
App URL:

To download the Custom Patch select the version from below toggle/drop down and click on the download button.

Version: 2.18
Version: 2.14
Version: December 31, 2017
Version: 2.18

App Version: 2.18
Custom Patch Author: Jamison2480
Author E-mail or Site: [email protected]
Patch Description: Patch Features:
– Unlimited Coins, Gold Bars and Lives;
– Unlocked All Levels;
– Unlocked Robot Quest and Medieval Quest;
– Ads Disabled;
– Many Other Features.

««« Instructions »»»
1. Install “Bomber Friends” from Play Store.
2. Open App Once, then Play A Bit, and Exit It.
3. Select This Patch, then Click Apply to Patch This Application.
4. If Patch Does Not Work, Clear Data The Game, then Repeat from Step 2 to Step 3.

Version: 2.14

App Version: 2.14
Custom Patch Author: Sr Timido
Author E-mail or Site:
Patch Description: Unlimited Money/Rank, Statistics hack, New Pack Unlocked and more

Version: December 31, 2017

App Version: All versions
Custom Patch Author: Ankit Choudhary
Author E-mail or Site: [email protected]
Patch Description: Unlock Levels & Unlimited Money.


See how to import custom patches to Lucky Patcher. If you have any custom Patch, Please Submit it to our website. All the custom patches here are submitted by the users. If this custom patch is fake or doesn’t work, please comments below.

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  • I’ve also created my first patch a few days ago 🙂
    before that I only casually modded the smali files of apks but when it get’s updated it’s easier
    to just apply the patch rather than decompiling, searching, editing, compiling, signing etc. everytime

    btw: your website doesn’t load

  • Thanks for the support of Patch, it’s my first 🙂

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