Custom Patch For Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync

App Name: Cloud Storage Sync app series by MetaCtrl (support for: DriveSync, DropSync, OneSync, BoxSync)
App URL:

To download the Custom Patch select the version from below toggle/drop down and click on the download button.

Version: 2.11.2 and 3.0.0dev
Version: 2.11.2 and 3.0.0dev

App Version: 2.11.2 and 3.0.0dev
Custom Patch Author: grubbas
Author E-mail or Site: [email protected]
Patch Description: This patch enables paid features (so called “ultimate mode”) for awesome storage sync clients series developed by MetaCtrl, including the possibility of syncing multiple folders or defining advanced auto-sync conditions.

Supported apps (both stable 2.11.2 and beta 3.0.0dev):
– DriveSync (Google Drive);
– DropSync (DropBox);
– OneSync (OneDrive);
– BoxSync (

I am uploading two variants of the patch (both included in the archive). Both do exactly the same job using slightly different approach. There is no difference which one you’ll choose. If one of them stops working due to future update, there is a chance that the second one will be still working fine.

PS: in my opinion, those apps are just AWESOME – using them effectively since years, can’t imagine life without it.

Happy syncing!


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